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esodoc-die2013We are glad to announce that also for this year ESoDoc and Documentary in Europe will work in close partnership for the third session of ESoDoc 2013.

Documentary in Europe is a non-profit cultural association founded in 1997 in Turin, which aims to enhancing, promoting and divulging documentary cinema. This year they will held the 17th edition of their annual event "Documentary in Europe Workshop", parallel to the final session of ESoDoc.

The partnership aims at widening the networks of each others participants, opening our event to the market and the international audiovisual industry.

The programme of the last session - which will take place from September 9 till 15 in Bardonecchia (Italy) - immerses us deeply in the actuality of documentary today with:

  • ESoDoc Pitching (September 13), presentation of the projects developed during the workshop;
  • the Match Making session (September 12), presentation of projects selected and developed under EDN – European Documentary Network guidance. You can still apply for this event!! Check more info at this link
  • case studies, projections and analysis of documentaries to understand which is the best way to make a documentary today;
  • full calendar of lectures and seminars open to the industry's professionals.

Among the ESoDoc's guests confirmed for this session:

  • Hugh Purcell, ESoDoc Head of Studies (United Kingdom)
  • Stefano Tealdi, Producer at Stefilm (Italy)
  • Sandra Gaudenzi, expert in interactive storytelling, I-docs (United Kingdom)
  • Flora Gregory, commissioning editor, Al Jazeera English (United Kingdom)
  • Sabine Bubeck-Paaz, commissioning editor, ZDF / ARTE (Germany)
  • Mick Csàky, award-winning director and producer (United Kingdom)
  • Jörg Grossmann, producer, Greenfilm LTD (Germany)
  • Martin Atkin, producer, Green TV (United Kingdom)
  • Audrius Stonys, independent filmmaker (Lithuania)
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