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broken families-newsThe 25-minute documentary "Broken Families" - directed by Louise Orton (ESoDoc 2012) will premiere on Sunday 2 February on Al Jazeera English at 22h30 GMT. The documentary follows Saharawi community leader and activist Brahim Dahane as he seeks justice for his community against a range of abuses.

In spite of being imprisoned three times and enduring severe physical and psychological torture at the hands of the Moroccan authorities, Brahim Dahane defiantly remains one of the leading human rights activists in Western Sahara. Broken Families traces his day-to-day life fighting for justice for families, like his own, that have been torn apart by the years of oppression.

I hope this film has a wide audience. The plight of the Saharawi is barely recognised. Their activists are disregarded. This is a great opportunity to hear of their brave resistance” - Ken Loach

A beautiful portrait of a brave and committed activist” - Taco Ruighaver, Movies That Matter

Filmed, produced and directed by Louise Orton
Edited by Laurence Wood
Executive producers: Anya Sitaram and Dominique Young
A Rockhopper TV production

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