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sabine-bubeck paazZeLIG School for Documentary, promoter of ESoDoc – European Social Documentary since 2004, is delighted to announce that Sabine Bubeck-Paaz has been appointed as new ESoDoc Head of Studies, starting from November 2014.

Sabine Bubeck-Paaz succeeds Hugh Purcell, who has been ESoDoc’s Head of Studies from its start in 2004, shaping the workshop as it is today.

Sabine Bubeck-Paaz has been collaborating with ESoDoc since the first edition, initially in her role as Commission Editor for the final pitching event, then from 2006 on as tutor and as ‘core teacher’.

“The goal of ESoDoc has always been to develop new production possibilities, new distribution platforms and new forms of expression for documentary filmmakers” says Heidi Gronauer, ESoDocs Head of Project. “The training initiative started at the crossroad between the traditional world of documentary films, and the new, unexplored possibilities of the so called 'new media'. Given Sabine's passion and commitment in the process of filmmaking and her open curiosity towards the new trends in the audiovisual industry, we immediately understood that ESoDoc's goals and Sabine's vision on documentary filmmaking and its importance for social change had many common grounds”.

Sabine Bubeck-Paaz has been working as Commissioning Editor for ZDF since 1990. With the start of ARTE in 1991, she became member of the ZDF department "Das Kleine Fernsehspiel” and since 2000 of the department "ARTE Thema", where she has been responsible for the development and production of Theme Evenings, documentary films and cross-media projects. Since the beginning of her career, Sabine has been working on many film projects which dealt with Human Interest, Culture and investigative socio-political issues. Among them, there are award winning documentaries such as Joshua Oppenheimer’s diptych The Look of Silence and The Act of Killing, DRONE, Sound of Torture, The World Before Her, BANANAS!*, Comic Books Go to War.
Recognizing the increasing relevance of cross-media, she promoted the development within ZDF/Arte of such innovative projects as netwars – out of ctrl, The Brussels Business, Planet Galata.
Next to her new role as ESoDoc Head of Studies, Sabine Bubeck-Paaz will continue her profession as commissioning editor and as deputy head of the ARTE THEMA department at ZDF.

“From the beginning, the ESoDoc Workshop has been promoting the documentary film as an important communication tool” says Sabine Bubeck-Paaz. "Documentary film as a genre is an amazing tool to enhance understanding and the discussion about the important issues of our presence, the past and the future. And at ESoDoc, I could experience that 'documentary' is much more then 'documentary film'. In the digital media, the creative possibilities to tell stories about reality are much bigger than a wonderful cinematographic feature length documentary film or a tv hour long one.
Documentaries with an important social impact are made to be seen, read, used, played by an important audience in order to create awareness. Therefore I’m very grateful to work for ESoDoc as a training initiative which provides for the participants the necessary skills to develop strong and creative documentary and cross-media projects and to communicate them with the necessary outreach strategy."

ZeLIG and the whole ESoDoc team feel privileged that Sabine agreed to become ESoDoc Head of Studies, and we are thrilled to continue exploring new production and expression possibilities combining strong storytelling, quality linear documentary and cross-media production.
We are grateful for the work Hugh Purcell has been doing over the last 10 years, and the whole ESoDoc team, together with the over 250 participants, trainers and experts want to thank him for his dedication and engagement.

We are looking forward to be part of the process of creating a training initiative which enables professionals from different working areas – such as documentary filmmakers, web designers, journalists and NGOs representatives – to develop the skills for the markets of tomorrow unified in a common goal: be active part in social change.

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