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daughter-awardOn 13 November 2008 "Daughters of the Enemy" produced by Zuzana Drazilova (ESoDoc 2007) has been awarded the Golden Star 2008 by the European Commission.

The award was given "for the project's involvement and debate on EU issues at the grass-root level and also because the project is an example of cooperation, effective working methods and tangible results".

The Golden Star Award is a European Commission Award given in accordance with the program ”Active European Citizenship – Active European Remembrance“ for the civic association ”Docs, Youth & Society“ for a realization of the audiovisual testimonies of the daughters of political prisoners in the era of Stalinism in former communist Czechoslovakia.

The project is produced under the official auspices of Mr. Vaclav Havel. On the basis of these audiovisual testimonies (that are high quality research materials), TV SERIES (7 parts) in co-production with Czech TV and the FEATURE-LENGTH DOCUMENTARY FILM (52/ 90–120 min.) are being originated.


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