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FEBRUARY 9, 2016

Go to the application form.

Applications must include the following materials:
- Online Application form
- Curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages)
- Short Professional Profile (max. 1000 characters)
- Video presentation with your motivations to take part to ESoDoc, NOT the motivation to do your project (max. 90 seconds)
- Link to samples of previous professional work (any media is accepted: film, text, photos, webpage, etc.)
- proposal for a film or cross-media project (max. 2 pages) to be developed during ESoDoc training
- Visual materials related your project proposal (only if applying with a project)
- Latest Tax Return or equivalent official document (only if you want to apply for the scholarship)

Download a preview of the application form here.

Incomplete applications or forms NOT submitted within the due date will be automatically ineligible for entry.
All mandatory fields in the form are marked with * and they need to be filled in.
For fields marked with a prescribed word or size limit, exceeding the limit would not allow submission of the form.

File format and naming: all documents to be attached (CV, project proposal, tax return) must be in PDF format. Please kindly insert your surname  also in the file name followed by the document name (i.e. smith-cv.pdf, smith-proposal).

CV and Short Professional Profile: in the application form you'll be asked to insert a Short Professional Profile. It should not be a "copy & paste" of your CV or your filmography. Please write here a brief text about your professional carreer.

Video presentation with motivation: in this short video (maximum 90 seconds) you should tell us who you are and why you want to take part to ESoDoc and what are your expectations from the training. This IS NOT the motivation to do your project, but the reason why you want to participate to ESoDoc. 
PLEASE NOTE: for this video the "style" and the quality is not important. You can do it with the webcam of your computer, with a mobile phone or anything else. What is important, is that you introduce yourself to the commissioners clearly, and that you explain clearly your motivation to take part to ESoDoc.

Sample of Previous Professional Work: you can submit 1 sample of a previous work you've been working on. We accept any media: it can be a film, an article, a cross-media project, a game, etc. In any case it must be submitted digitally. No physical copy will be accepted. If you are submitting a film, kindly submit the whole film, not just excerpts or the trailer. If you have several example you want to submit, please choose one, the one that best represents your work in order to take part to ESoDoc.
Please DO NOT use any service which keep your files available only for a limited time (such as WeTransfer). We prefer to have the file available online through services as Youtube or Vimeo. Both services have privacy setting which allow you to share your videos securely and privately (Youtube: please select the "unlisted" option, NOT the "private" option - Vimeo offers to protect your videos with a password). Other file sharing services (i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive,, etc.) are accepted, but the file must be kept online till May 31, 2016

Proposal for a film or cross-media project: you should submit these materials only if you want to apply with a project. In this section you'll be asked to insert a logline about your proposal: please describe in 1-2 sentences what is your project about (max. 500 characters).
The additional and extended information about your project proposal must be submitted in a separate document. When applicable, in the proposal please include the following elements:
- a logline (max. 500 characters)
- a synopsis
- the state of your research
- a description of the main characters
- describe your access to the topic/characters
- the visual approach (the form/style of your project)
- interactive elements: if applicable, explain what kind of digital elements will be used in the context of your project
- funders/broadcasters: if you already have funders or broadcasters involved in the project, don't forget to mention them!

Visual materials related to your project: your project proposal must be accompanied by visual materials. These can be photos or video (preferable), in case of a film. In case of a cross-media project, the visual material must represent the idea/concept of the project.

Tax return: this document must be submitted only if you are applying for a scholarship. Tax returns have different names and forms in every country, and it is impossible for us to indicate exactly what is the corresponding document in your country. What we need, is an official document issued by your State certifying your latest income. No "self-certification" will be accepted. If you are unemployed, please provide the necessary documents to prove your position. If you are still living with your parents, please provide their tax return. Please note: this document is mandatory to be eligible for the scholarship, and no other document will be taken into consideration.

We choose 22 participants on the basis of professional achievement, motivation and commitment to social and environmental issues. Our selection will take into account the need for a homogeneous group, as well as regional and gender balance.

The selection is based on the following criteria:

  • professional quality and working experience of the participants;
  • professional experience in social documentary or in social work within or outside NGOs and New Media companies;
  • sensibility to social issues;
  • interest in team working and in "360° cross-thinking";
  • regions with cultural diversity and specific cultural identity;
  • balance between geographical origins of participants;
  • balance between the variety of professional background, cultural and linguistic origins;
  • attention to equality of women and men and the diversity of the age groups.

Check the FAQ section or do not hesitate to contact us!

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