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From 7 to 13 September the final ESoDoc 2009 session will take place in Ankaran in the context of the Isola Cinema festival. EsoDoc is organised by ZeLIG, the School for Documentary, Television and New Media from Bolzano (Italy), with the support of European Commission's MEDIA Programme and local partners, the Otok Institution, Slovenian Film Fund, Media Desk Slovenia, and RTV Slovenia.



Media Desk Slovenia

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In September the Isola Cinema International Film Festival (10 – 14 September, Izola, Slovenia) is celebrating its fifth anniversary, bringing to Izola, the coastal area, Slovenia and the broader region a quality selection of attractive and involved films from Latin America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, this year in cooperation with the European film training initiative ESoDoc (European Social Documentary) for the first time also documentaries.
Fifth anniversary edition of Isola Cinema will include socially engaged documentary film, which is certainly one of the most efficient genres for discussing the values and views of the today's world and system.

At this year's third and last session of ESoDoc in Izola the 22 participants are to finish their documentary projects, developed at two previous sessions since May, with the aid of internationally recognised audiovisual experts.

The highlight of this session is public pitching of projects, developed at the workshops, taking place on the second day of the festival – on Friday 11, September, between 10am and 5pm at the beautiful Manzioli palace at the main festival venue, the Manzioli Square in Izola. For the first time in Slovenia, the visitors and interested public will get an extraordinary opportunity of gaining insight to the key part of the pre-production stage of a documentary film. 

At 6pm, immediately after the public presentation of the projects, the festival audience will be able to watch the documentary "Seeing is Believing. Handicams, Human Rights and the News" in the Odeon Art cinema and see how "amateur" digital camera shots can become a mighty weapon in the struggle of human rights activists all around the world: from the fight for land of the Philippine natives, revealing the neo-Nazi agitators in the Czech Republic, providing proof of war crimes in the former Yugoslavia, to anti‑corruption environmental actions...

After the screening the author of the film, the Canadian Katerina Cizek, an independent producer, director, editor and lecturer at ESoDoc seminars, will disccuss the prestigious Hamptons’ Festival Abraham Prize winning project "Seeing is Believing" and digital revolution in the field of sociopolitical activism.


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