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Target: ESoDoc India is an important workshop for European and Indian documentary filmmakers, professionals in the communication area of NGOs and international agencies, community workers in citizens’ TV/local cable channels and social network holders.

Admission Requirements:
All applicants must show evidence of at least 3 years of professional filmmaking or production of crossmedia projects. They must also demonstrate enthusiasm for international co-production between Europe and India. They are required to present a project proposal related to climate change, social justice or cultural integration which has a potential for the European and Indian market and is suitable for NGO communication, TV broadcast or internet distribution.
The film projects should be in an advanced researched stadium and should be supported by visual material (photo or film).

Application materials: Applications must include 4 copies of the following: 

– Application form duly completed  - download the application form
– Curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages, 3000 characters) 
– Motivations (max. 1 page, 1500 characters) 
– Samples of previous professional work (max. 1 film/crossmedia-project or other artistic work) 
– A proposal for a film/crossmedia-project that you want to develop during ESoDoc INDIA training (max. 2 page, plus visual materials)

!! All application materials must have applicant’s first name and last name. No other material shall be taken into consideration.

Enrollment fee: 10,000 INR for Indians and 600 Euro for Europeans. All is covered. The fee will contribute towards the overall costs of the residential workshop in India that includes e-learning tools, tutored project-development, board, accommodation and travel expenses for economic air and train transport for both, the European and the Indian participants. (the payment must only be done AFTER the selection)

Number of participants: 6 European participants + 6 Indian participants

Deadline for application: June 29th, 2010
Please note that the deadline refers to the DATE OF RECEIPT, NOT THE POSTMARK. As we do not accept applications arriving later than the deadline, we strongly recommend to use an express courier, in order to guarantee a timely delivery.

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