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GoToMeeting is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software by Citrix, that enables the user to meet with other colleagues in real time.

The software is free and is available for all platforms (computers and mobile) and operating systems (Windows, Apple OS X, iOS, Android and Windows Phone). GoToMeeting can be used also directly via browser (Chrome and Firefox), but we strongly suggest to download the free app.

Download page (all platforms and operating systems):

Account: you can create a free account if you want, but you can also access the conference without any account (although you'll be asked to insert a name anyway which will identify you during the conference).

How to access the conference
Joining is easy and just takes a few seconds. You will get an invitation email similar to this:

Please join my meeting.
Meeting ID: 932-263-309

A headset is recommended.

To access the meeting, start the GoToMeeting app on your device, type or paste the "Meeting ID" in the box and hit "Join".


If you don't have the app, by clicking the link in the invitation you’ll proceed to your session through your default browser.
Alternatively, you can also go to and type or paste the ID provided. At this point you might be asked to download the software. You can click "Yes" or "Always" (or "Trust" on a Mac) when prompted to accept the download, or proceed without download to the web version.

Again: we strongly suggest to download and use the app, as it is more stable then the web access.

GoToMeeting interface
On the right you can see the interface of GoToMeeting app on a computer.

1. Microphone: here you can switch your microphone on/off
2. Webcam: here you can switch your webcam on/off
3. List of attendees: open this panel to see the names of all participants connected
4. Chat box: here you can write your questions/comments. By opening the dropdown menu you can also chose to send a direct message to a specific user

When webcams are started, they will appear in a separate window. If you have problem with the connection, you can chose to "hide" the webcams in order to save some bandwith and make the connection smoother. 

We strongly suggest to use headphones during the conference. Without headphones you could generate echoes which will disturb also the other participants. 
When you are not speaking, please mute your microphone. To ask a question while the expert is talking, please write it in the chat box. 

These are the basic information to use GoToMeeting. The software offers many other features. You can find more info and many tutorials on their support pages: 

GoToMeeting Tour
GoToMeeting Help
Mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone):